Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moved blogs!

Hi everybody,
I started a new blog at a different address. It's a beauty, fashion & health blog, but it revolves a lot around performers, dancers, and stage makeup. Of course there will still be a lot of regular tutorials and such, but there will be a lot of stage makeup tutorials, rehearsal tutorials, leotard reviews, pointe shoe discussions, and OOTD- for theatre rehearsals. Hopefully if you like Inner Beauty Out, you'll like Ballerina Beauty and will subscribe! Thanks everyone!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Match Your Mood: Rainy Day Tutorials

When I think of Spring, I think of sunny, warm, bright colors, and I tend to stock up on those kinds of colors for my makeup. But there are always those days when you wake up and it's pouring outside. Now personally, I don't mind these days. In fact, I cherish it because I think rain is relaxing. But bright colors don't really reflect my mood on these dark days. So I had the idea to show you the rainy day makeup I wear:
It's not just dark, but it's fun to wear and really edgy but also very pretty. Plus it's super easy! It just consists of a purple eyeliner, a brownish-rosy cheek and nude-pink lip.

Let's jump right in!

These are the items I'm using:
1. I'm going to be using a really shimmery off white color as an all over the lid color:
This will go on as a nice contrast to the dark liner we are going to put on, and it's just a nice base.
2. Next is the gel eyeliner from MAC in Macroviolet! With a thin line on top, you can wing it out a teensy bit. Now draw a thin liner on the bottom of the eye and connect it to the wing. Finally line the water line of your eye to thicken it up.

3. With either a smudge brush or an eyeshadow applicator you get in palette, smudge out the wing so it's a little softer and not as clean and perfect.

4. Now with a pencil brush dip it in a white color (you can use the same color as your base or a different one) and place some into the inner corner and under your brow. My reasoning for this is because even though it might be gloomy out, and your makeup is pretty dark, so I want to still draw light towards your eyes.

5. The same goes for this step: curl your lashes! And of course, apply your favorite mascara.

6. I don't really want a bright pink cheek, so a little more brown will still look great but it won't be as harsh and bright.
7. Finally I want to have a nude-y pink lip so I'm going to first put my Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee, and then my NYX  Goddess of the Night Lipgloss in French Kiss. It's a nude pink combo and I adore it!

There you have it :) How does makeup reflect your mood? Tell me in the comments!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Red, White, and Beauty- A Memorial Day Tutorial!

Ok. I couldn't resist.
I know, I know. Memorial day is weeks away. But I got really excited for a Red, White & Blue Tutorial...I just couldn't wait!

So here is what it will look like:
I know, awkward picture. Anyway, this is a look with a blue eye liner and a very pretty redish pink lip. It was tons and tons of fun to create :)

Lets jump right in!
1. After doing all that necessary moisturizer, foundation and concealer (how ever you prefer to do your face makeup), I'm going to prime my eyes. Since this will probably be worn to a party or something, primer is important! You don't want your makeup to smudge :)

2. Now with my finger I'm going to put a color that I found in my Ulta Makeup Pallette....thing. I've had this for years, so if you don't have it, obviously it won't make or break this look. Basically you just want to put a silvery-blue color like this all over your lid:
Don't mind my thing, it's a total mess!

3. Anyway, after this is all over your lid, take a blue-ish-white color and put this in your crease. I'm using another color from this pallete.
4. Once you've defined your eyes, you can move right into eyeliner. I'm using my Revlon Luxurious Eyes Eyeliner in Electric Blue. This is what it looks like!

It's an extremely bright blue, but it will look amazing. Just line the top of your eye and your waterline for a very wild but fun look.

5. Use your favorite shimmery white eyeshadow (I'm going to use just a plain white color in that palette) and place it into the inner corner and underneath the brow to bring lots of light to that area.

6. Now using your favorite mascara, curl your lashes and apply a few coats. I'm going for big, bold lashes that top off the look.

7. Moving onto the cheeks. I wanted a slightly less pink blush for this look, mainly because I want to focus on the eyes and lips. For the cheeks I used Ulta's blush in "Flush". I actually got this in a huge bag of Ulta stuff during one of their "Buy $20 worth of stuff and we'll give you tons back!" sales. I'm really glad I did though, because I got my Voluptuous Volume Mascara with it. Anyway, I'm going to sweep this color on to my cheeks and a little higher up just make sure the color doesn't get to dark in one area.
8. Finally we are at the best part! The reddish-coral lip :) I'm going to use my Sephora Brand Lipstick in the color "Sweet Embrace":

If you build up this lipstick, it gets darker (as you can hopefully see in the swatch) and it looks even more red for the flag!

And there you have it. This is an amazingly fun look and even though Memorial Day is weeks away, it's still fun!

Also: look out for a Mother's Day Brunch tutorial!

Have a lovely weekend :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recreate It: Emma Watson

I'm crazy for looking at different celebrity fansites and their photoshoots, and then trying the look on myself. One of my all time favorite celebrities is Emma Watson. I think her style is wearable, and she's just plain gorgeous. So when I stumbled across her at the Tribeca Film Festival I couldn't stop looking at the makeup and outfit in these amazing photos.
Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image
Pictures from here

Of course, my first thought was how could I blog about this? I thought I'd give a little makeup recreation (nothing too much like a full blown tutorial, but more of an overview) and try to find similar clothing to hers in these pictures.

She has dark eyes with a lot of light in the inner corner, with rosy cheeks and a pinkish-coral lip. It's edgy but very feminine at the same time!

After priming my lids, I'm not going to do an all over the lid color, but I am going to put a really nice matte dark brown color in the crease. I found this eyeshadow in my drawer and had no idea what brand it is, but I have a swatch of the general color below (along with my Mac Mineralized Skinfinish and an eyeliner I swatched for a different tutorial):
This shadow is the one all the way on the right. You can use any matte brown shadow you want though. I like the way this one looks because there is absolutely no shimmer and it's dark enough to blend with the eyeliner we are going to use and still look beautiful. Then I'm just go to do a cat liner with any black liquid liner and smuge it a teensy bit so it isn't too harsh. Then to bring light to the eyes I'm placing a teensy bit of my Mac Mineralized Skinfinish is Soft in Gentle in the inner corner on on my browbone. These skinfinishes are extremely sparkly, but really help bring light to my eyes.
Finally I'm going to put a nice amount of my ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion on the apples of my cheeks and pair my Sephora Lipstick in Sweet Embrace with my Nars lipgloss in Albatross. Albatross really doesn't have a lot of color, but it's shimmery and sparkly!

Now that the makeup is done, we get to move onto a recreation of the uique but stylish outfit she wore. Just saying, I probably wouldn't be daring enough to wear all of these pieces together, but I think seperately they are adorable! The first piece is the blue floral skirt. I found a really pretty one from Forever 21. The color is brighter and the print is more paint stroke-y than floral. I have other options, but this was definitely my favorite.

Picture from Forever 21, Get it for $11.06
Other options include these skirts (all from the Forever 21 website)

Left: $17.80 Right: $15.80
Next is the similarly printed top, which is black and white. When I saw this, I immediately thought "Urban Outfitters!"
I looked on their website and I found the closest to a black and white print. It's stripes, but I thought it had a similar cut and would look vey interesting with this type of skirt. If you aren't up for a printed skirt with it, a plain bright one would look great too!
On top is a black fitted leather jacket. Now, Urban Outfitters actually has a really nice one that is much less than their usual prices. This is actually only for $69!
Urban Outfitters pictures from here

There you have it! Have fun with this and have a lovely week! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Haul: Sephora, PacSun and More!

Over the last two weeks I've picked up a few things here and there, and decided to post one big, collective haul. At Sephora I picked up two things, at Mac I picked up three things, at PacSun I picked up four things.

I guess I'll just jump right into it!

First, from Sephora, I got a BareMinerals eyeshadow duo called "The Scenic Route". I love how gorgeously pigmented the green is. The white is pretty, but if used as more than a highlighted it doesn't look that lovely. Basically, I bought this for the green, and it totally paid off!
Picture from here, by the product here.
I found a great swatch of the colors here. (My camera won't pick it up)
Next, I got a really pretty lipstick from Sephora. It's called "Sweet Embrace". I tried it on, and I love it! It's not as pigmented as it looks from the package, but it still goes on beautifully. I would say it's more of a light rose in person. It looks darker from the picture.
product image
Picture from here
Also, the packaging is ridiculously amazing! The cap seems to be magnetic. Love it!

Now I'm moving on to Mac. At Mac I got a Fluidline Liner in Macroviolet. Usually I don't get too colorful with my liners, but I love this, especially on brown eyes. It's a plum-y purple color, and it goes on smoothly and it's soooooo pretty!

Picture from here

Next from Mac I picked up my very first Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle. I won't go into too much detail, since these are very hyped up, but I still love these so much! It's a beautiful highlighter.
 Mineralize Skinfinish
Picture from here
Finally from Mac, I picked out this beautiful lipstick in Pink Nouveau. I love this color! I usually don't love light pink lipsticks, but I still love this color because it doesn't wash me out.
Picture from Here

Now onto the clothes! From Pacsun I got Volcom "Frochickie" Shorts in white. I'm planning to wear this to a casual dinner at the beach, where it's not dressy but they do look nice. They aren't denim, which I love! They also come in black, but I prefer the white.
Check them out and buy them here!
Next I just picked up another pair of dark wash denim shorts that I wear all the time in the summer. There aren't anything special, but I figured I'd throw them in here anyway!
Check them out and buy them here!
Onto the fun stuff! My favorite pick was my dress that I adore! It's an off-white color with a colorful floral print and a deep v-neck. My favorite part is arguably the back, though. I can't get a great picture of the back, so I'll just link the site as usual and you can look at it yourself. The back is a halter, and a triangular cutout! It's so pretty.
Check it out and buy them here!
Finally I grabbed a pretty patterned shirt. I like the back, the front and the colors! Paired with the white shorts, I love it!
Check it out and buy it here!

And that's it! I can't wait to show any mroe hauls, and I bet you get more of a insight into what my style is. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect Sunny Skin!

If you go out into the sun, you've probably heard your mother tell you to put on sunscreen or else you'll get skin cancer. And I'm positive we've all felt the effects of a pink sun burn. So, as the air gets warmer, I'm going to show you how to protect your skin from the sun, and if you do get a little (or a lot) pink, how to keep it healthy.

Keeping your skin healthy and protected is just as important as using, say, a heat protectant for your hair, or a top coat on your nails. Every day I use a sun screen under my concealer and foundation to protect my skin, whether I go inside or outside.

The sunscreen I've been using is Neutogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock in SPF 30. I love this because it dries nicely and protects my skin perfectly!
Picture from Neutrogena's Website

Using this is usually fine, but if you're planning on being at the beach or out in the sun all day, you might want to grab a 100+ SPF, especially if your job or hobby requires you outside often.

Every once in a while, you might miss a spot (I always miss my ears) and you do get sunburnt.

I have some tips for treating it:

1. Always wait at least two hours for the burn to cool before putting anything on it.
2. If you have to go out afterwards, skip the heavy creams on your face. You'll feel terrible all night because of how hot your face will be.
3. Once your face has cooled down, dab a little Aloe Vera Gel onto your burns to cool it down even more and help it heal.
4. Next time, build up your sunblock to protect yourself from burning again! :D

If you're interested in investing in an Aloe Vera, you can usually find any sort of brand aloe vera in the nearest drugstore near your vacation destination, but if you're looking for something to base it of off, you can usually buy this Banana Boat one in Target or CVS.

Picture from Here

Remember, stay out of the sun as much as possible :)

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trending Trends: Spring Color Pops!

As you've probably seen, pops of color in a nude or black look is very on trend. Whether the color is in your lip stick, your earrings or your shoes, bright neons or even pastels are seen almost everywhere I go! Don't believe me? Check it out:
(Above left: MissGlamorazzi's Neon Pop Tutorial Above Right: Glamour Magazine's Jen Weinberg)

See? I'm here to show you fun clothing ideas for this trend! (Note: All of the links to the product are hyperlinked)

Look #1

Pair this little black dress (Forever 21, $19.80) with a bright pair of heels (Forever 21, $24.80) for a night out!

Look #2

Wear a fun black romper (Urban Outfitters, $59.00), but go for a yellow belt (Forever 21, $6.80) instead of a white one!

Look #3

On top of a plain black tee (Hollister, $13.65), add a pair of pretty fuschia shorts (Forever 21, $9.80) and a cool pink scarf (Forever 21, $8.80)
Seal Beach

And there you have it! Pick out your favorite color and pair it with any sort of black (or even white) shirt, dress or romper! I love this trend and can't wait to see what else spring has in store!

xoxo Anna

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